The description of a safety and auditory enhancing device for vehicles (patent pending).

A Safety and Auditory Enhancing Device for Vehicles

This is simply a basic description of a safety device, as well as, a supplier of auditory information to drivers. The device is, mainly a circuit board, made of an electronic chip and digital storage space; plus the cables required to connect the circuit board to the throttle system of a vehicle.

The storage space is used for the sound coming from exhaust pipes, at every rpm level of a given running engine. The exhaust sound is stored in a digitized format, easily accessible based on rpm level. The electronic chip manages the delivery of the digitized exhaust sound to  the vehicle's stereo speakers, or to small speakers located at the back or front of the vehicle; usually where exhaust pipes are located.  The chip is connected to the throttle assemblage of a vehicle; either, to the cable or fly-by-wire system, linking throttle pedal to the engine, or the engine management system.

The entire product is to be sold in a tall beer can-like package; thus the trademark X In-A-Can.
Any sound can be recorded and delivered to the speakers.

With electric cars, safety is provided to both drivers and pedestrians. The driver gets auditory information, on the speed of their car, without having to look at the tachymeter/speedometer; and, pedestrians can hear an electric car, with the device, coming from a long distance away. A few additional fractions of seconds are provided, as a margin of safety to pedestrians, to electric cars with the device, versus cars without the device.

A car or motorcycle, with a tiny engine, can be made to sound like a 12-cylinder Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car.

Patent Pending