RCAS - a Content-Based Ad system

The RCAS system is a real-time content-enabled ad system which allows the tailoring of advertising messages based on time, location, frequency, and content being accessed (patent pending).

RCAS - a Realtime Content-Enabled Ad system

The RCAS system is developed on top of a content-engine based on type disambiguation.
It is a real-time system which tracks every query made to a web/internet accessible page.
The content features are optional in the
RCAS system.

The origin of every query is tracked to gauge the frequency of each query, based on keywords used and content requested. The information associated with each query, which is used by RCAS,
is taken from the web server, which may or not be a content-enabled one. If the web server does not provide content information; then,
RCAS generates its own, based on the set of keywords provided.

RCAS requires that a given page be specified as the medium for the delivery of advertising messages. The page that has been tagged, as the medium for ad delivery, may always be displayed before the user is re-directed to their desired page. An image covering the whole page is used by RCAS; and client sponsored links are added to the page. The image used is based on the content requested in the query, and is provided by the client or RCAS.

The frequency and time-of-day, for display of advertising messages, are evaluated based on the  information extracted from the queries to the web-server. The price payed by clients for the display of their ads is evaluated on the client's time-of-day, keyword, query origin, and content based requests. The time-of-day, the origin of the queries, and the query load on the web server are criteria used to add or substract, from a baseline price for the display of ads.

An adjunct to this patent is the use of a web-accessible front-page as the medium for the delivery of advertising messages by RCAS. The front-page is always displayed, before the user is re-directed to their desired page. Each client get their ads displayed on the front-page based on number of times the front-page is accessed, how frequent accesses are made, how often content offered by the client is requested, and the price payed for the placement of ads.

RCAS system is similar to the advertising system used for television commercials.

Patent Pending