Gods accusing man of committing the sin of hubris, commit the sin themselves. God gave man intellect and dominion; and, man will be able to do what nature apparently cannot; that is, move mass out of the hold of a black hole -- They do not take believers, especially Christian ones, seriously in some circles.

Geometry Change versus Slippage

Gravity, space curvature, space warping, and gravity wells. In most t.v. shows, and movies, the gravity well around a black hole is shown, as having a single plane, usually horizontal, from the perspective of the observer.

Gravity, as explained with current physics, is caused by the gravitational waves emitted by a given mass. It is, supposedly, the gravitational waves which warps space. Gravitational waves, also, supposedly has some of the characteristics of light. They also, like light, keep traveling, as long as, their path is not blocked; therefore, it should be possible to detect a small body, on the other side of the universe, through their gravitational waves.

In order to explain, why a given mass can come to orbit another one, on any given plane; the gravity well must be thought to be a sphere. For example, an asteroid, with the right velocity, coming from deep space, could start orbiting
the earth on a perpendicular plane to that of the moon; therefore the gravity well must be shaped like a sphere, to trap both the moon and the asteroid. Furthermore, the asteroid's new orbit would not degrade, over time, to that of the solar system's plane.

Stupid Questions !!!
How do we picture a gravity well shaped like a sphere ?

How does a change in the geometry of space impart momentum to a given mass ?
Are there gradients/fluctuations to 'G' based on distance and shape ?
Does 'G' work on surface area or the collection of particles of a given mass ?
At what velocity, does a given mass reach the singularity ?
Does any mass reach the singularity ?
How does the singularity survive such a release of energy on impact ?
Do physics break down before the mass reaches the singularity ?
When do gravitational waves, from the time of emission, exit a black hole ?

The alternative theory, is that the geometry of space does not change; space is not being warped or curved; and, that the gravity well is based on the fabric of space made slippery. The slippage effect, which is also based on 'G', is the result of the action of the gravitational waves on the particles making the fabric of space. The slippage effect affects the entire collection
of particles of a given mass. The actual explanation of how space is made slippery, is left for further examination, or to others.

The waves are emitted on every plane from the originating body; and the range of their effect on space, is based on the ENTIRE COLLECTION of PARTICLES CONSTITUTING YOUR MASS, and distance; which is true for both the geometry change and the slippage explanation.

The region of space that is affected, is believed to be spherical; easily answering the first question. The second question is also easily answered, since a mass entering the affected region, will start slipping towards the source of the gravitational waves. The momentum imparted to the mass entering the affected region is based on 'G' (distance and mass), implying acceleration.

Using the slippage theory to explain, how mass can be made to escape a black hole, is the point of this thought experiment. Given the starting quote, man should be able to use intellect to escape a black hole. A device or space probe could be built, that harnesses gravitational waves -- light
was harnessed and laser was created. Are there natural laser emissions, out there, in the heavens ? The probe would have to chart a course towards the singularity, which consists of bodies or masses that are trapped within the gravity well. The probe, in order to escape, would have to travel the charted path, in reverse.

Imagine that you are trapped, in the middle of a pond, and you do not wish to get wet. You would obviously look for the nearest stone onto which you would jump. After a successive series of jumps, the edge of the pond is reached; than you would make one final big jump out of the pond. The space probe would behave in a similar manner, using the charted bodies.

The Tom-Thumb method could be used. One could use a gravity engine to move large masses in the right position, and then use these large masses as the path into the well of the black hole. As before, the reverse path is followed to get out of the well of the black hole.

The assumption is that, since the gravity well, of bodies, always exert their influence, even within the hold of black hole; then, the way a probe uses the slippage effect to move, is by tuning the gravitational waves of a given charted body, amplifying its effect on the region occupied by its own
mass, to get the warping in this case slippage effect to re-exert itself, causing the mass of the probe to start slipping towards the said body. The probe may come out of the well years later; but, it will come out. As long as the probe is within the hold of the black hole, communication is impossible, unless the gravitational waves are used as a carrier.

Within the solar system, a probe can literally navigate by the stars, as long as, the gravitational waves of the emitting star can be tuned and amplified. The slippage effect, therefore easily explains the idea of a gravity engine, which can rudder by the stars or solar system bodies, and
throttle using the level of amplification of the waves. All of the celestial mechanics explanations should be sustained with the slippage effect.

If it is, indeed, a well based on geometry; then a gravity engine is more difficult to explain. How a change in the geometry of space imparts momentum,  is a question that must be answered. Once harnessed, gravitational waves can be emitted to warp space differently than how nature does; and a given body can be made to appear more massive than it actually is. Amplifying the effect
of geometry affecting waves, would only create a well in the region of space that your mass is occupying. Changing the geometry of space, in a different manner than nature; does not imply that the momentum imparting characteristics would necessarily be kept. In other words, as some may have surmised, that amplifying the waves emanating from another body; and changing the well created into a long tunnel; which can be made to be of any length, based on the power applied, is not a valid explanation until the beginning question, and its implications are answered. The how of geometry change does not have to be  answered; only the how of imparting momentum.

Another alternative explanation to movement within a black hole, as long as, we make undoing the hold of the black hole a postulate -- it might be possible to change the geometry of space in such way as to stop your continuous fall towards the singularity -- is to use the particles of the particles of the  gravitational waves, or gravitons, as a highway. If a particle can be made to travel a light beam back to its source; then the idea, of doing the same with gravitational waves, might come into the realm of possibilities.

As with all thought experiments, this one can also be discarded, if the math model cannot be made to fit it, or vice-versa. But, the idea of a gravity engine using the slippage effect would make for a great sci-fi novel. You can think of a civilization able to shape and build solar system, using slippage-based gravity engines and fusion reactors.

Pierre Innocent