Why is psychokinesis not part of our biology ?

Not part of Earth's Biology

The idea of psychokinesis, being part of our biology, is one that is not supported by the theory of evolution, which is the source of life on this planet. The argument offered, on this page, is only for
those who believe in process called evolution. Supporting arguments, against the existence of psychokinesis in living things on this planet, are based on evolution, and the Jungian collective unconscious.

Evolution, based on the survival of the fittest, has always found a way to use everything in the biological toolkit for preying, defense, mating, and social interaction, in general. If psychokinesis, was indeed part of our biology; somehow, somewhen, a given critter would have found a way to use it.

Some of the tools, that are known to be used in our biology, are as follows:

Size and speed for both defense and preying.

Biochemistry for defense, preying, and social interaction, in the forms of toxins, pheromones, and other biochemical signals -- snakes and scorpions use nerve toxins, plants use chemical alarm signals, and almost every other species use pheromones, and other biochemical substances for social interaction.

Electricity is used by some animals for preying and defense -- eels use electric shocks.

Sound is used for preying, defense, and social interaction -- whales and dolphins use sonar blasts for preying; elephants use subsonic calls for long-distance communication; and, almost every other species use sound for social interaction.

The visual spectrum is used, for everything, by most living animal species. Snakes and insects use infrared for navigation and preying. Some species use the visual spectrum for mimetic defense.

Even if a given species, with psychokinetic abilities, became extinct; sooner or later, another one would rediscover the benefit of their use, just as toxins, pheromones, sound calls, etc., were rediscovered.

The other argument is based on the Jungian idea of the collective unconscious. If psychokinesis was part of our biology, sooner or later, through human history, a critter with such abilities would have come to our attention. Man being man, would have tried to capture the magic of any such critter. If, the critter was an insect, we would have crushed it, boiled it, smoked it, ingested it in some form or another, to see what effect it would have on our mind; like we did with many plant substances, or animal parts that we believe were imbued with magic -- peyote is an example of such a substance.

The tale of attempts, successfull or not, to capture such magic, would have traveled down, through human history, to our ears; and, many tribes and cultures would have differing tales of the same attempts. Those tales would, usually, take the form of quests with the lone hunter archetype, as hero.

N.B. If you believe, you were engineered or kidnapped by aliens, then you probably evolved; or, were bred or modified to have psychokinetic abilities. Then, there is, obviously, no discussion to be had.

Pierre Innocent