Universe not Multiverse

As Einstein said: "Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the "old one." I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice".

My conviction is that God is indeed Einsteinian.  Free will is a God ordained in this universe; and in order for man to exercise his free will, a certain level of randomness had to be injected into the system; and yet, not too much as to make said system meaningless -- time does indeed exists, independent of our consciousness; and cause always precede effect.

Universe not Multiverse

Reality takes shape according to the flow of time; as future become present. A particular present  gets realized, only according to the point of view of an observer. Two objects/entities, particles or people, who interact; can be both observer and observed. Every time an observer makes a choice; a new branch in time is created; as, a given future gets realized as present. The newly sprouted branch may or may not influence other interactions, between other objects/entities.

The idea that time may be way stranger than we think, is the fact recently experimentally demonstrated that a message can be received, before it gets created and transmitted. Entanglement of particles was used as the basis of the experiment.

We posit, based on the model of time on this page; that a message can be received, even though it never was created, or sent. This premise needs to be confirmed experimentally, by turning off the transmitting side of the experiment stated above, before the message gets created; without breaking any universal physical laws, such as entropy.

In order to ensure, to a statistically significant certainty, that the right message was indeed not created; the experimental setup must encode information into the entanglement of particles. Said information can be verified on the receiving end. A series of messages is transmitted, and the message which was not created, is skipped.

The time model on this page cannot yet answer the possibility, that the message might have been temporarily queued; as the message which was received, is created -- the energy which is expanded in its creation and transmission -- when the sending side of the experimental setup is turned on again.

Questions to be answered

What is the exact nature of time ... ?

Are unrealized branches of time strewn across space-time, or do they wither ... ?

Are unrealized branches accessible ...  ?

Do realized presents have an existence independent of the observer ... ?

Can the model of time, posited on this page, work at both the micro and macrocosm ... YES ...

Can Einsteinian time flow be reconciled with the model of time, posited on this page ... ?

Can time tick independent of space ... ?

Can future causes influence the past ... YES ...

Entangled particles and time ... They both have a past, present, and future, regardless
 of the fact that one may respond before the other gets tweaked  ...

Is time travel possible ... YES ...
Receiving information before it happens, as above using entangled particles,  is time travel ...

Causality problems ... None, if everything happens according to the observer ...

Can time trapped in a crystal allow experimentation according to the model on this page ... ?

With an infinity of possible branches, the universe is truly one and not many.

Pierre Innocent